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Jackie P. Taylor

Jackie P. Taylor is an award-winning businesswoman whose podcast, “The Real Juggle,” takes an unvarnished look at what it really means to be successful.

Through her achievements as an executive for a Big Four consulting company, sought-after mentor and award-winning businesswoman, Jackie offers real-world advice and inspiration. She helps people from diverse backgrounds realize their potential and engage more rewardingly in their lives and in their careers.

Recognized for her high energy, vast intellect, down-to-earth humor and unerring ability to connect with people through their hearts and their minds, Jackie brings strength, a fresh focus and a renewed sense of purpose to individuals and organizations on a global scale.

As an executive, a mother of five, a caretaker and a trail-blazer for women of color, Jackie’s insights and personal experiences provide tools everyone can use as we all try to juggle the demands in our lives.

Jackie is a proud Brooklyn native but currently lives in Georgia. She is a children’s book author, loves to travel, is energized being near water, enjoys a good karaoke night, sets a goal of laughing every day – and hates bugs.

Jackie P. Taylor

“Be kind, be a blessing, be yourself!”

Jackie P. Taylor